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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sorry for the lag

I'm really sorry for the delay in a new post. I have just been super busy for the past couple weeks.

I love cookies! Making cookies and eating cookies are incredibly fun. Combining ingredients that aren't very tasty on their own and making something that can make any bad day good.

And I think that is all I have to say for today.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Harry Potter on the brain

So if you couldn't tell from the title, I have been thinking about Harry Potter a lot lately. I suppose it's because of the marathon of the movies that ABCFamily has been showing. This recent obsession has made me want to read the books again, but alas they are no where to be found. Besides the 7th book that I had with me at college, all of the Harry Potter books are missing. And the worse part is that my mom might have sold them.

It made me very emotional when I couldn't find them because I grew up with the books. Sadly they were my escape from the "horrible" reality of middle school and high school. I always wished that the books were real in some way. The story of friendship, mentors, good and evil, has always resonated with me. Plus the whole magic thing would be absolutely awesome. The messages that the books convey are wonderful and about values that I think everyone should have.

At Iowa Annual Conference last year, I was a delegate. While I was there I bought "The Gospel According to Harry Potter." When I buy a new set of Harry Potter books and start to read them, I hope to read each review for each book.

Well I've spouted enough about Harry Potter and my beads are calling to me.

I hope you have a great time until my next post!

Friday, July 9, 2010


Welcome everyone to my first attempt at blogging!

Bare with me while I get used to periodically spilling my deep thoughts into the vast space of the internet. I'll start off with a little bit of background.

I am a recent grad of Iowa State University in Food Science and working on finding a job. I enjoy keeping busy so I have many hobbies that include jewelry making, crocheting and reading. In fact I just started a business creating custom made jewelry. I set up an Etsy store in May but have mostly sold to friends and people at my church. You can browse what I have in my store at . My projects will probably make an appearance here from time to time. If you have any questions or would like a pattern just let me know.

Since I have a B.S. in Food Science I am a huge food lover. I love tasting and making and analyzing all food. Recipes and meal experiments will also make an appearance here. Food is a very important basic need but it also brings people together. Some of the best conversations are held over a meal. I am a huge supporter of ending World Hunger and Poverty. If you would like to help out with World Hunger, I know a simple thing you could do daily.

The Hunger Site, , has a free click link that provides 1.1 cups of food to someone in need. They even have a reminder e-mail that will be sent to you daily if you would like it. If you are looking for some great gift ideas they also have a wide variety of items for sale. From bags to clothing to jewelry to decorations, all of the items will provide an amount of food for someone in need.

I am very social justice oriented individual. I think that every person, no matter race, age, gender, sexual orientation or socioeconomic status, deserves respect and the chance for a healthy, happy and long life. Everyone deserves to love and be loved.

And with that I will end my first blog ever!