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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Read of the Month: Lady of the Forest

Look at me! I'm making my second book review and it's within the next month like I promised!

This month it is all about showing off one of my favorite authors. Jennifer Roberson is a wonderful fantasy author that brings new worlds alive for me. She has written mostly series so I was glad to find a singular book written by her.

Lady of the Forest is Roberson's version of Robin Hood and it is told from Lady Marion's side of the story. I have a love of the Crusades (I don't know why because it was a horrible bloody violent time in history that I am not proud of as a Christian) so Robin Hood is a classic tale for me. The detail she puts into her writing is amazing. Lady Marion discovers who she is and becomes a very strong woman in the process. Robin is shown as a man who hides himself because he was forced to when he was captured in the Crusades. Not only is he physically scared but he is mentally injured as well. He finally finds himself again through meeting and falling in love with Marion. The Sheriff of Nottingham is developed as a twisted conniving man who only wants to advance in the world at any cost. His daughter is a perfect copy of her father and wants Marion out of the picture. But in the end the Lionheart returns just in time to set everything right for a time.

The way Roberson writes, transports me into the story. I felt like I was Lady Marion making the same decisions that she did. This version was a good mixture of fact and fiction. I would recommend this book to someone who doesn't usually read fantasy books. It is a classic tale that everyone knows but with a twist.

I hope you have enjoyed my monthly book review!


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Oh Baby!

There seems to me that a lot of babies are being born to couples I know this year. So here is one cute gift I have made for a new baby girl that is due in Oct. My manager at work and his wife are having their first child this fall and I am kind of tire of just making a blanket for the new bundles of joy coming into the world this year. I decided to make a stuffed animal that will be a keepsake as well. Bunnies are cute and great for little girls. I found a great pattern on Craftster by Wayuki. Here is the link to the Linguine Bunny pattern.

I used a cotton yarn because it would be durable, washable and soft. All of these attributes are very important for a baby toy. Although the pattern shows solid colored bunnies, I like to use lots of color and picked multicolored yarn from I Love This Cotton called Carousel.

Here is a lovely picture.

I am working on a toy/pacifier leash for another baby and will have pictures up soon. Let me know what you think of this cute little bunny.