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Monday, March 7, 2011

Children are people too!!!

Since I am not working at the moment, I like to help my mom out. She is the adult ministries director for our church and I like to help her by typing attendance on Mondays. I have gotten quite fast and it allows her to work on other things. In typing attendance I get to learn who attends what service and I'm getting good at reading bad handwritting. But I have discovered something shocking. Some parents are listing their childern after their last name, as if they are a passing thought. I brought this to my mom's attention and she said that she has had to ask a lot of parents to list their children because they don't. It is absolutely shocking that parents would have to be told to list their children on the attendance pad/card. Children are the future and it is so very important to make them feel as part of the family of Christ. It makes me question if these parents think that their children are second class citizens or not human. Don't get me wrong I'm sure thsat they are being cared for properly and loved by their family. It just seems that they are being hidden from the wonderful church family that can provide so much more care and love. What do you make of this? I would like to know your opinions.