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Monday, January 14, 2013

I'm back!

I'm not going to give any excuses as to why I haven't made a post in over a year and a half. I just lost interest and got too busy. Okay with that over, I have a baby gift to show off.

Matt's cousins had an adorable baby girl in December(the best month to be born in my opinion) and I felt that urge to make a baby gifts. I just love making baby gifts! I have another baby gift I'm working on but I can't really talk about it until after I have sent it to the parents. So I decided a blanket was going to be the easiest to send and make quickly, being that baby is already here. I didn't just want to make a pale pink typical baby blanket so I ran to Joann's. Luckily their yarn was on sale that week. :)

As I was walking up and down the rows of yarn I was thinking about a purple color but that changed when I came upon the brightest rainbow hued giant skein of super soft yarn. It is Sensations Rainbow Classic color Bright Multi Rnbow Classic. 

To go with this great bright girly yarn I thought I would pick a simple pattern to show off the yarn. I chose to do a simple v stitch with a simple picot edging. I used a K hook because it is a chunky weight yarn. 

Here is a picture of the final blanket folded in quarters. I didn't have room to get a picture of it laying flat. Yes I took the pictures at work because that is where I finished it. I'm guilty of crocheting at the store. Most customers ask me what I'm making and give me compliments on my yarn choice and speedy fingers. 

All I need to do now is find a box and send it off. I hope they like it. 

What do you think?


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