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Monday, August 1, 2011

Oh Baby! Take II

Yes, It's another post on baby items. A beautiful baby girl was born to a couple at my church and I couldn't believe that I forgot to make her a gift. So I decided to crochet another Linguine Bunny but this time I made it with solid colored yarn. I chose this beautiful purple because the little girl has bright red hair. I love purple on redheads. Since the bunny is in purple I embroidered the nose and mouth in pink and used white button eyes. Here is a picture.

I was browsing on Crochet Pattern Central and found some wonderful toy/pacifier leashes. I don't like the store made leashes with the clips because I feel like little fingers or soft skin is going to be pinched. This leash uses a loop and button to attach the pacifier/toy to the car seat/bib/clothes/stroller. I also learned a new stitch in the process. The Star Stitch is a handy stitch that makes a star pattern. The pattern for the leash can be found here Pacifier Leash.  Here is a picture of the leashes.

I hope to deliver these gifts to the beautiful little girl and her family today. Let me know what you think about these projects.


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